It was our privilege this past week to attend the William James College Annual Gala. Just last year, we were there to help them launch a brand new name, and the verbal and visual system we collaborated on to bring their new identity to life.

This year, we were there simply to support their efforts in the community and beyond.

The evening began with a wonderful performance by the Boston Children’s Chorus. Their founder, Hubie Jones, would later receive the Mental Health Humanitarian Award alongside his wife, Katherine Butler Jones, for the decades of work they’ve done in the Boston area (and beyond!) to give children and families the hope and opportunity they deserve.

This year’s keynote speaker, Steve Pemberton, then shared about the challenges he faced as a child in an impossibly dysfunctional home and the foster care system, and how he came to understand and pursue his purpose in life. As Chief Diversity Officer for Walgreens, and as a best-selling author and in-demand keynote speaker, Steve is now in a unique position to help young people on the same difficult path he walked to achieve their dreams and realize their potential.

We often say around here that the work our clients do is what makes it rewarding to do what we do. We get to support their mission by helping them tell their story. And William James College is no exception.

Their pioneering work in multicultural and global mental health was the focus of the Gala this year, and we’ve had a front row seat as they’ve sought to grow and strengthen those efforts. Their goal is to connect hands-on, skilled mental health workers with diverse populations, and to reach out to communities where access to mental health care is limited, and where culturally sensitive mental health care is practically nonexistent.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow up in a mentally healthy home, to learn in a mentally healthy school environment, and to go on to a career and a lifetime of relationships that continue that path of wellness. William James College recognizes the hard work and dedication it takes to make that happen, and they’re committed to that vision for our whole society… not just those who have unlimited resources.

If this is something you’re passionate about, too, I encourage you to consider investing in William James College, and the exceptional students that are working to increase access to mental health care.

Thanks to William James College, Steve Pemberton, and everyone else who worked to make the Annual Gala a night to remember!