This is Alex.

Alex is a part of the design community at Sametz Blackstone Associates — and a very talented one, at that.

He is smiling in this photo because he is getting married in two days! He and his bride, Carly, are hoping that the (currently 30%) chance of precipitation on Sunday doesn’t dampen their big event.

But rain or shine, we think this is something to get excited about.

That’s why we surprised Alex with a little party first thing Wednesday morning, right in the middle of the design community’s weekly meeting. I brought my iPhone along to snap some pictures, and quickly noticed a theme emerging in the festivities:

This shindig was all about design.

Now, not everyone here at Sametz Blackstone works as a designer. Not even close! We have strategists and web developers and production specialists and project managers and finance directors and marketers and writers, too.

But as a group, we’re somewhat known for liking things to be just so… if by “just so,” you mean “exceptionally well-designed.”

The first “element” of note was the cupcakes:

Not just ANY cupcakes, mind you, but the vibrant and delicious creations of Party Favors in Brookline, handpicked for their complementary color range by Michael, our esteemed Director of Production… who has more attention to detail than a microscope.

And, since the cupcakes had pink and tangerine-colored flowers on top, it only made sense that any drinks we served would need to fit the theme, too:

IZZE sodas!

Floral logo? Check. Complementary color / flavor picks? Check.

But the truest indication that a design-savvy group was celebrating was found in Alex’s card (which he is holding in the photo at the top), created by our own very talented Director of Design, Joerg.

You can see the card’s front image displayed on the screen in our conference room, the Claremont, below:

The lovely reddish birds went beautifully with everything else in the room (including the ubiquitous Sametz red square), but that wasn’t why the image was such a perfect fit for Alex.

Alex is a huge fan of cover art. In fact, he has an entire area of his personal website dedicated to his favorites.

Do you recognize something special about this particular cover (found on Alex’s site)?

Clearly it was Joerg’s source of inspiration — and Alex couldn’t have been more delighted.

But that’s what happens when design geeks celebrate: life gets a little more beautiful.

And so, from our entire community to Alex and Carly: HUGE congratulations on your (rapidly approaching) marriage! May life bring you all the beauty your eyes and heart can handle, and many more years as two love birds.