A couple weeks ago, I was honored to be asked to participate in a panel discussion on web design at MIT and hosted by WebPub (itself housed in MIT’s IS&T).

Modeled after the popular interview show “Inside the Actors Studio,” “Inside the Designers Studio” focused on designers’ perspectives on the web.

In addition to myself, the panel included Tammy Dayton of Moth Design, and Chris DeFrancesco of Alphabetica Design. Our combined experience covered a wide range of working models (from our own multi-disciplinary studio of 16 strategists, designers, and technologists, to Alphabetica Design’s collaborative approach that includes local team members as well as partners around the globe) and an equally diverse client base.

Topics included web trends and follies, worked approaches, client interaction, aesthetic and technological interactions, and our online pet peeves.

It was a friendly, enlivening, and enlightening conversation. I hope you’ll take a peek, and perhaps even continue the debate!