One of the most interesting things about working at a “small shop” is that everyone tends to have a range of responsibilities and interests that extend past their job description. If you’re good at something, you’ll likely get a chance to do it.

This also tends to come up in how we hire new team members: we look for people who have diverse experience and interests, who show initiative in making things happen (even if it’s a little outside the parameters of their role), and who value collaboration in all things.

Everyone has a voice, so we want to make sure we bring in people who have good ideas—and who listen (and get excited) when other people come up with them, too.

Right now, we’re in the midst of hiring two key positions to fill out our team: a Brand Strategist, and a Designer.

In the time since we’ve been on the hunt, we’ve learned a few things (well, we kind of already knew…):

  1. Most people are used to a certain kind of hierarchy when it comes to creating communications for clients: the client wants something, the strategist comes up with something that something should say and an idea of how it could look, and the designer takes the creative brief and makes it happen. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  2. The idea of “brand” is one that has taken a big hit as of lately, what with the notion of “personal brand” running rampant through social media, and the reality that many people think of a logo and a color scheme as “branding” (which leaves out the meaning side of things: a brand’s foundation, positioning, messages, etc. )
  3. We’re a bit different.

(And that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s why we’ve been around for 32 years.)

We’re “system thinkers”: we make sure everything we create—from top to bottom web projects for financial companies, to postcards targeting potential applicants of a summer high school program—strengthens our clients’ brands. If the visual elements don’t jive with their other communications… if the message doesn’t ring true to the organization and their goals… if you can’t point to where it “moves the needle”… well, we’re wasting an opportunity.

To us, a “brand” isn’t a logo or a tagline or an eye-catching color you choose.  A brand lives in the hearts and minds of an organization’s constituents: it hinges on how people perceive them and what they do, both in the context of the communications they create, and what others are saying (in the press, via social media, through word of mouth… and beyond.)

And no matter how big or small an organization might be, they are only so much in control of their brand—which means that at the moments when they are in control, they need to do a great job of sharing who they are.

That’s where we come in…


We’re seeking a Designer who makes beautiful things—beautiful things that do what they’re meant to do, within functional, smart, compelling systems. You will work on a wide range of projects—across an equally wide range of clients, both for- and nonprofit—in print and electronic formats, from worldwide brand identity systems to multi-year capital campaigns. Versatility is a must (if you couldn’t tell already!)

If you:

  • do exceptional work on projects large and small, and across media
  • work and communicate well with clients, and can articulate the thinking behind what you create
  • make “problem solving” a priority in meeting the needs of organizations
  • have a passion for innovative, progressive design
  • have experience in both print and digital media
  • are typographically savvy
  • can multitask like a pro—without missing details or dropping the ball on communicating
  • enjoy a collaborative environment, both as part of a deeply creative design community, and as part of a focused client team…

… then we’d love to talk to you. Scroll down to learn how to get in touch!

Brand strategist

We’re seeking a Brand Strategist who sees both the forest and the trees: you understand how brands are created, maintained, and loved, and how every aspect of an organization’s communications can reflect and strengthen that brand. You’ve ideally worked with both for- and nonprofit organizations (because we do!), and see each one of your clients as a unique, complex entity with their own needs and goals. In fact, you’ve thrown out all your cookie cutters… because you haven’t used them in years.

This isn’t an “account exec” position or a “brand manager” position or a “project manager” position, though all of those things are wrapped in to what you’ll do with our team.

If you:

  • see “brand” as a never-static, living, breathing thing
  • believe that stories are important
  • can capably research (both qualitative and quantitative—stats AND in-depth conversations), envision, and implement brand-focused strategies
  • love to dig into a new industry to learn all you can in a short space of time
  • can articulate, write, and present in a compelling way
  • can lead multiple client teams simultaneously, with efficiency and respect
  • are conversant with both traditional and new media
  • collaborate with designers, writers, and developers with respect and open ears
  • manage and grow healthy, productive client relationships, and
  • want to help find and realize new opportunities

… we’d love to talk to you. Our ideal candidate has 5+ years experience in and around branding, business and communication strategy, marketing, and website development. Experience in nonprofit marketing and fundraising wouldn’t hurt, either.

Ready to join us? We’d love to meet you—and we think we’re pretty fun to work with, too.

Please send your resume (directed clearly to one of the positions above) and some words about who you are and why you’re interested in being a part of our team to Human Resources, Sametz Blackstone Associates, 40 West Newton Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118. You can also email hrATsametzDOTcom (no phone calls, please!)