After winning Best of Show at the Westminster Dog Show, gorgeous Scottish deerhounds everywhere have reason to stand a little taller (… if that’s even possible!)

But we have it on good authority from friend of Sametz Blackstone and frequent leash-bearer, DuncanRhys Liancourt, that the big win may even be leading to a little diva behavior!

As DuncanRhys tells us at his blog, Cultured Anarchy:

“My dog stopped in the midst of our morning walk and refused to budge. When I let go of the leash for a moment to get a tissue from my coat pocket (bloody, vile, tedious winter) she began walking, but when I again took hold of the leash she froze. My dog, Rhonwyn, will never win an obedience award but she is well trained for a pet and generally does what I say. Also, she knows the routine, has always been fine with it, and understands how singularly important it is that her daddy get his medicine.

You might think her refusing to walk rather trivial and you may suggest I simply pull her along, and I would gladly do so in order to complete the morning walk and get my double espresso, aka medicine. Rhonwyn is, however, freakishly strong. She is a power-racing model. She sports 22 inch front legs and 28 inch back legs, and can gnaw on my belt buckle––if she reaches down a bit. When she plants her forepaws (designed for traction on very rugged moors and heaths), and leans back on her locked back legs (designed to launch her after cervine prey at greyhound speeds) she becomes a statue, 75 pounds of limb, tail, and snout with no convenient handholds.

Anyway, this leash scenario was repeated with Rhonwyn walking–when walking­–trippingly, making manifest that she was in perfect health. What, I wondered, could have brought on this surge of prideful obstinacy? Suddenly it was clear to me, even without my medicine: Rhonwyn had gone Diva. In case you do not follow dog news, the Westminster Dog Show was held on Monday and Tuesday nights. The Scottish deerhound, a breed present at the first show 135 years ago, won, for the first time ever, Best in Show. Rhonwyn is a Scottish deerhound. Ergo, my wee lass was full of her self.”

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