“Let’s Talk About Food”, an initiative launched in partnership with the Museum of Science, is the brainchild of local writer / editor / passionate foodie Louisa Kasdon… who just happens to be a longtime friend of the team here at Sametz Blackstone.

The Festival is dedicated to encouraging and facilitating conversations about what food means to our society, culturally, scientifically, and sociologically. How we approach the growing, production, distribution, preparation, and celebration of food in our culture (and cultures across the globe) speaks volumes — and Louisa wants us to open our ears to what those messages might be.

So when she stopped by to tell us what she was dreaming up, we knew we wanted to get involved.

Our Design Community gave LTAF a powerful tool with which to launch their marketing efforts with the creation of LTAF’s identity (which is all over Cambridge, MA, as we type) as the anchor of their visual system:

… and here’s an example of this evocative identity at work in LTAF’s communications materials — also Sametz Blackstone-designed (Louisa’s business card is pictured below):

(Louisa reports that she’s been handing them out by the stack already.)

Make sure you stop by the “Let’s Talk About Food” festival this weekend (all the details are here) to take part in some of the exciting conversations people are having about food, including cooking, farming and ranching, sustainability issues, science issues, health issues, and much, much more.