It’s been an extraordinarily busy year around here, and as we celebrated our company holiday dinner on Tuesday night, we marveled at just how much we’d done in our collaborations with clients.

New brand strategies! New visual systems! New identifiers! New communications vehicles! New digital strategies! New websites! New applications!

At the time, we knew we had a lot on our plates, but looking back, we’re kind of amazed. Not that we have time to look back for long, mind you, because 2013 is shaping up to be even more busy… and rewarding.

One particular project makes us want to toot our own horn a bit, mind you… but mostly because the project is all about finding time to toot our own horn.

We’ve had the classic problem known as the “cobbler’s kids dilemma”: we were so busy making sure our clients were building and developing compelling communications that we weren’t spending much time revisiting our own shingle on the web. Every time we’d try and revisit our digital presence, we’d get started… and then shelve it for a new engagement, or a ramp-up period with one of our existing partners.

Or at least that’s what we did… until now.

Go see it.

Our brand new website, freshly launched this week.


Complete with an expanded portfolio section, updates on what we’ve been working on, and a whole bunch of bios.


We’re pretty happy we cobbled some new kicks for ourselves… and we hope you enjoy it, too.

And if you need brand strategy, messaging, print or digital design, content strategy, digital strategy, social media strategy, a new website… well, take a look, and feel free to get in touch.

We’d love to work with you.