That’s exactly what Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot and Power to the Small Business recently asked our own Director of Strategic Initiatives, Tamsen McMahon, along with two other marketing professionals, Kyle Lacy and Ken Briscoe.

This is the eighth roundtable-style discussion Jay has hosted at his small business blog, and as always, the participants offered some keen insights on the strategies and tools that would define marketing and set trends in the coming year.

Among other subjects, Tamsen addressed two major trends that will be on marketers’ minds in the months ahead:

  • The general public’s increasing adoption of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter — and what that means for marketers
  • The sense of validation marketers are now experiencing in business boardrooms — where their voice always should have been heard

You can check out the podcast (available on page, via iTunes or for download) at Jay’s blog here, including some highlighted quotes and ideas from each of the participants.