eBay officially launched their new logo on their website today after announcing the upcoming a few weeks ago… and thus far, the reviews are distinctly lukewarm for the iconic Internet brand’s new look:

On the left is eBay’s old mark, with the new take on the right.

Logo refinement is nothing new for companies both big and small. Brands from JC Penney to Starbucks have taken a run at their classic look over the last few months, with mixed results and reviews.

But what if the desire to refresh your identity and project a new image results in something less compelling and recognizable?

What if the new look doesn’t pack the same punch as the old one?

I asked a few members of the Sametz team what they thought. Some of their comments:

“It is a modern take on the old logo, but the new design looks generic to me. In particular, it lacks the energy and excitement of the active marketplace.”

“I really feel they took all the fun out. The brand used to have some personality, but no more… ”

“It looks bland.”

“I’m not sure if they achieved their purpose. I’m guessing they wanted something to reflect the brand they are now: a contemporary marketplace that’s much more than just the place you go to buy Star Wars memorabilia or Beanie Babies. But what’s the benefit of making the brand that much more sterile?”

And one other (more positive) note:

“I like the actual website presenting the new logo!”

If you’re keeping track, that’s four thumbs down, and one thumb up for a good launch strategy.

What do you think of the new eBay logo? Does it make you more or less interested in their brand? If you use eBay, will this evolution change your experience at all?