I recently witnessed the installation of the New England Development (NED) gallery wall at 75 Park Plaza in Boston – their new home.

NED’s relocation from Newton to Boston presented a great opportunity in experiential / environmental brand building. Our charge: extend NED’s visual system into their new office space to help project the organization’s purpose and value, reflect its attributes and brand personality, and reinforce key messages.

The result is an elegant gallery wall that welcomes employees and clients into one of the office’s main congregation and circulation points. The panels currently showcase project images that represent NED’s different asset classes, but our modular approach keeps flexibility and interchangeability in mind. We expect gallery exhibits to change and shift over time.

The content of the panels can be easily swapped out to feature newer project images, the retail-focused collage imagery we developed for NED outlet projects, high-level messaging, or a combination thereof.

Schematic gallery wall elevations showing different panel types/content

In regards to composition and layout, switching and moving panels is a simple operation, giving us the opportunity to change the design as new business and messaging priorities emerge. Each panel is supported by two metal cables that run vertically down either side. These cables are anchored in tracks that not only enable us to place the panels on one of three different depths, but also allow us to move the panels horizontally along the width of the wall and slide the panels vertically along the height of the cables.

Silver metal clips and cables holding each panel from either side

Vertical metal cables rooted in a top and bottom track 

The ability to reconfigure the layout of the gallery space on all three of the x, y, and z axes is just one example of how the flexibility and dynamism of the NED brand can be carried through from print and on-screen communications to environmental design projects. Using NED’s visual system elements (color, texture, imagery, and type), adhering to the use of rectilinear forms, establishing a clear grid to work off of, achieving a sense of depth through overlapping forms (color fields, images, and pattern/texture) on different planes within our grid, and taking into consideration type legibility and readability concerns for captions and/or any messaging panels are all strategies that uphold the brand’s overall look and feel. The brand experience remains coherent when applied to different materials and within different contexts/environments.

Texture and typographic details using NED’s two typefaces

After months of work and collaboration with New England Development, Visnick & Caulfield Associates, and Elevation Exhibits, we were able to create the designs, learn more about structure and fabrication techniques (as well as types of lighting and hanging fixtures), consult on the overall process, and see the gallery wall in action.

Close up on some of the panels

Gallery wall installed

The integration of NED’s visual system into their new headquarters not only adds interest to their gathering spaces, but, more importantly, helps communicate to employees and clients alike NED’s ability to consistently and confidently deliver value.