My colleague Brandon approached me a few months ago about designing the artwork for The Longwalls’ new album (note the new web site, designed by my colleague Kerri, and built another colleague, Luke).

He’d seen my collection of Science Study Series covers, and thought they were just the right inspiration—and inspirational they turned out to be—for the band’s  new album, titled Careers in Science.

Thrilled both to be asked to contribute to the endeavor—and at the opportunity to make some album art—I jumped at the offer.

I first produced a series of cover designs loosely inspired by the Science Study Series (and referencing classic Blue Note album covers) and informed by conversations with Brandon. A few were on target, while others veered off in the direction of an unfortunate union of Dan Friedman and Bradbury Thompson (but obviously not reaching either practitioner’s great heights).

After further discussion, Brandon and I narrowed down the palette, and culled the larger group of possible directions for presentation to the band.

We ultimately decided on a direction that combines the overall simplicity and intriguing detail of the Study Series covers with a contemporary palette and a few choice typographic moves.

Next stop: final refinements to the cover, and on to the rest of the digipak and disc face.

To promote the disc, we also produced a gig poster, and a twitter background.

I hope you’ll join us at the CD Release show: April 8 at Precinct in Union Square, Somerville.