This is Callie, project management office supervisor, cookie taster, and chief canine companion to one of our fantastic designers, Kerri.

I go to the fourth floor to visit Callie at least once a day, and she’s usually sleeping contentedly in her crate, or making eyes at Kerri to open her cookie jar just one… more… time.

Today, I received a photo on my iPhone of Callie in her new fall gear from Michael — yes, we text from floor to floor, as well as emailing, IMing, phoning, paging, and dropping by to visit one another here at Sametz Blackstone, like any well-c0nnected office — and made an immediate detour from what I was doing to go down and check her out.

Kerri made the sweatshirt you see in the photo above from one of her own, since most pet clothing companies don’t make togs for big dogs — but you’d never know it wasn’t made from scratch for Callie herself.

So we thought we’d share a little of the fall fashion around here with you, our faithful ‘Round the Square readers, and send some sunny (you can see how sunny in the photo!) autumn wishes from our Boston brownstone.

The summer is just a humid memory now, and we’ve got tons of projects ramping up as the temperatures start to drop. Our valued collaborators are finally back in the office, or at school, or wherever they go to do what they do, from the symphony hall to the museum wing.

They say fall is the loveliest season in New England, and I can confirm it’s true, as a recent transplant from Western Canada.

And we’re all suited up to enjoy it at Sametz Blackstone — both bipedal and quadrupedal team members alike!