One of the things I enjoy most about working at Sametz Blackstone is the diverse range of interests and tastes that our community brings to the table.

I learn or see something fresh and new almost every day, just from roaming the six floors of our brownstone in the South End.

That’s why I decided to share a few links to the things we’ve been checking out in the past couple of weeks… after all, why should I be the only one who benefits?



From our manager of strategy and rockstar-by-night, Brandon:

A TED talk from Marian Bantjes. I like her thoughts on design as “an impetus to inquiry” and the notion of the designer being allowed to make the work their own– to make it truly great. And her work is just gorgeous:

Marian Bantjes: “Intricate beauty by design”

This is a great talk on motivation in the work place, talks to the notion of “Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose” being the key motivators for creative, problem-solving work. Incentives only work for menial, repetitive work. Seems interesting for our line of work:

Scott Robbin: “What motivates us”



From our perpetually inspired designer, Kerri:

From last week — but still AMAZING — poster series at designworklife:

designworklife: “The visual mixtape”

More from designworklife (because they’re the best design blog on the planet):

designworklife: “Joe Stephenson”

And these are gorgeous:

For Print Only: “Harmonie Interieure Promo Card”



From our IT super hero and digital media developer, Matt:

This one’s nothing new but it’s an amazing site in every aspect. Great design, no flash involved, and lots under the hood you don’t see from just looking at it:

Great, great, great, great geek blog:

Steve’s Blog



From our problem-solving, unflappable digital media developer, Luke:

There’s still something to be said for throwing in a bit of analog as well:

Leah Buechley: “DIY Turn Signal Jacket”

And with a slightly more philosophical twist:

IEEE Spectrum: “Using image recognition as a test for consciousness”



From production pro and printing guru, Michael:


(Ed.’s note: I think that speaks for itself.)



And from me, Meg:

David Friedman always points me to genuinely interesting stuff, and has a way of seeing the world that I enjoy tremendously:

I love letterpress stationery. Adore it. And I’ve seen some beautiful stuff here (hence their name!):

Oh So Beautiful Paper



What sites or posts have caught your eye this week? What are your daily web addictions? Tell us in the comments!