We often speak of social media platforms like they’re still very much the “new kids on the block.”

And true enough — new platforms and applications and technologies are popping up every day, week, month.

But did you know YouTube has been around more than half a decade now?

It’s true — we’ve been looking up cat videos so long that it feels like we’ve always been able to. In fact, the search function within the YouTube site is reputably the second-largest search engine on the internet… after Google, of course.

And Facebook? Turning five next year.

Even “upstart” Twitter is long past the terrible twos.

Some companies have seen the community-building possibilities of the web since the very beginning of the “social revolution”, while some are still tiptoeing around the edges, wondering if the new age of transparency is going to leave them far too exposed.

Where do you stand?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re dipping your toe in to these waters… or diving right in daily.

But here’s the question: how long do you think it takes technology to become a normal part of our lives? How long does it take until we can’t imagine our lives without it?

And the biggest question of all (and one we deal with daily) is this:  how long can the brands and organizations that still don’t see social technology as relevant to their operations now — and their future — hold out before choosing not to take a step forward leaves them several steps back?

Or are we already there?

What do you think?