The new Olin College of Engineering At a Glance brochure uses some interesting production processes… but the most exciting aspect of the publication is its myth busting content!


With an enrollment of slightly more women then men, and graduation and job placement percentages in the high 90’s, Olin is in the midst of revolutionizing engineering education.

The statistics speak for themselves—but they don’t tell the whole story. There’s an energy, vitality, and optimism that permeates the Olin community that just doesn’t come across through curve-busting numbers alone. That’s where graphic design can help tell the story.


Olin’s visual system includes complex underlying patterns that speak to academic rigor and the interaction of complex systems. Metallic spot ink combined with a stochastic screening process lets us print the subtle details of these complex patterns without worrying about interference from coarse screens or moiré patterns.


The subtle, complex patterns create a foundation for bolder, more disruptive visual gestures. These disruptive gestures–punctuated with a clear foil stamping process–add a tactile sense of contrast and scale, telegraphing the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that is one of the unifying traits of Olin students.


Eschewing a rigid grid structure, the patterns and gestures combine in fluid, overlapping compositions that, along with first-person perspective photography and carefully tuned typography, create a complex, layered visual tapestry that evokes the dynamism of the Olin community and helps tell the story behind those amazing numbers.