A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Tamsen about the conference / unconference / event schedule in our corner of the universe and beyond over the next few months.

conference name tag

After a quick cross-calendar check, we realized that there are approximately ONE MILLION brand / social / tech/ nonprofit / design events happening in the upcoming months.

You think I’m exaggerating, but here’s a small slice of what we’re checking out:

Gnomedex — August 19 – 21

PodCamp Montreal — September 11 & 12

Boston #140 Conference — September 14

PodCamp Boston — September 25, 26

Mass NonProfit Network Fall Conference — September 27

Web 2.0 Expo — September 27 – 30

The Art of Marketing — September 30

Future M — October 4 – 8

Inbound Marketing Summit — October 7 & 8

Blogworld Expo — October 14 – 16

Brand New Conference — November 5

Again, that’s AFTER we edited our choices down to a dull roar, and without including the incredible range of meet-ups and tweet-ups our fair city offers. It’s safe to say we had a lot of options to choose from.

If we somehow managed to actually attend all of these events (a feat which would require Star Trek-esque teleporting,  not to mention a 24-hour caffeine drip) we’d undoubtedly end up with a ton of knowledge, and some fantastic connections.

But we’d also be looking at one heck of a bill.

This traffic jam of dates (not to mention the always prudent goal of thinning our expenses a little) has challenged us to prioritize the events that offer the most relevant content for our team and our clients, and where we’d be most likely to connect with potential partners and collaborators.

Sounds simple, right?

Not even a little bit. An embarrassment of riches, perhaps… but my iCal is screaming for mercy.

So, in the interests of figuring out how everyone ELSE sorts out their calendar — and to continue on the theme of prioritizing and filtering the content we take in — we thought we’d ask YOU:

1. When you have multiple events you’d like to attend, how do you choose which one will get your dime and your time?

2. What are your criteria for a valuable event? Are your personal criteria different from the ones you’ve established for your job or career?

3. Do you tend to seek out new voices, or “reliable” voices that provide content you’ve already appreciated?

4. Does price play a role in your decision-making process? Does travel time / time away play a role?

5. What are your “can’t miss” events every year?

Let us know what your process is — and where we’ll see you in the coming months!