The best people to invite to a dinner party? Great storytellers.

The thing that brilliant novelists are that okay novelists are not? Great storytellers.

The best people to be stuck next to on an 8-hour train ride? Great storytellers.

The thing that virtuoso directors are that leaves a movie playing in the back of your mind, long after the last reel? Great storytellers.

Oh… and the thing your brand needs more of?

Great storytellers.

Great storytellers internally — who communicate using ideas and images that resonate, instead of relying on corporate-speak — get everyone in your organization excited about what you’re going to do next.

Great storytellers externally — who bolster your value by sharing their positive experiences in passionate and public ways — spread the word  in a manner that those around them are genuinely inclined to trust.

Great storytellers at the marketing helm — who convey your offerings by crafting a compelling narrative, instead of another pitch or a tagline — generate genuine curiosity and desire in your potential customers.

Great storytellers from the top down — who motivate with something more visionary than a list of your Q4 strategic business goals — advance the kind of mission-driven culture that leads to uncommon success.

Great storytellers from the front lines — who can tell you who your customers truly are and what they truly need because they’ve met them, and they care — keep everyone focused on the real reason you’re doing what you do… and the right way to do it.

Are you a great storyteller?

If the answer is “no”, don’t worry — you can learn to be.

Do you know what stories you should be telling?

If the answer is “no”, don’t worry — you can find them.

But you should start now.

As with the funniest person at your dinner party, or a fantastic traveling companion, or those rare movies and books you can’t make yourself turn off or put down, great storytellers are remarkably unforgettable.

And that’s definitely something you want your brand to be.