Huzzah! The team at Blackstone Square is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) has garnered a 2016 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development from the Web Marketing Association!

New CCIS Website

That’s right. Bling! Hardware!

Check out the stellar new CCIS website. Take a video tour if you like. Read about the WebAward. Learn more about the (undoubtedly astute) folks at the Web Marketing Association.

But most importantly, I’d like to acknowledge the team(s). Projects of this stature… well, they take a village. In partnership with a super-engaged team at CCIS, an excellent writing partner in 43,000 Feet, and gifted photographer Liz Linder, we led a highly-inclusive process that engaged key stakeholders every step of the way, to not only gain critical insights, but to also generate enthusiasm and buy-in for what would ultimately be a complete overhaul of CCIS’s web presence (the College’s previous website very much obscured its dynamism and impressive real-world endeavors).

Together, we all collaborated to:

Shine a light on the innovation and creativity happening across the college;

Change the narrative of computer science—it’s a diverse population, and it’s for everyone!

Paint a clearer picture of the real-world value of an interdisciplinary / experiential CS curriculum;

Elevate their world-class—and growing—faculty, and their cutting edge lab work;

Walk the walk as a College (within a competitive landscape where most CS programs are departments);

Leverage Boston as an entrepreneurial, health-care, academic, cultural, and finance hub—the perfect backdrop to a progressive CS education.

We certainly met our goals. The insights gained from our discovery work informed a comprehensive re-imagining of the site from an UX standpoint. Contemporary design, content  and photography—informed by a new messaging framework and an evolving visual brand system—now bring the College to life like never before.

The new homepage  better showcases the breadth and depth of activity across the college; key facts and figures highlighting CCIS’ growth and impact are easily accessible across all sections of the site; research areas are greatly expanded to include access to related faculty, research projects, publications and more. Faculty pages provide access to affiliated lab pages and projects as well—critically important in recruiting the best and brightest Masters and PhD students—as well as additional world class faculty.

It’s still early days, but analytics are already moving in the right direction and faculty are more engaged in the site than ever before.

While there’s more to do (expanding the alumni section, enhancing interdisciplinary pages, designing a new overview brochure and development collateral, etc.), we’ll take this moment to congratulate everyone involved… and to take a quick breath before getting back to work!

New CCIS Website New CCIS Website New CCIS Website