The visual system we’ve developed in collaboration with VCFA mirrors the educational experience—it’s dense and layered; colors are saturated, word and image bleed into each other and across pages and boundaries, typography whispers and sings in constant dynamic dialogue.


But there’s another side to the VCFA experience—quiet, intense reflection and introspection, academic rigor and continuous refinement, and the elegant yet bold statements made by completed works.


A pocket folder is a simple, ubiquitous vehicle often executed as direct exponent of an organization’s dominant visual voice. In the context of the VCFA visual system, the pocket folder offered the opportunity for a sensory counterpoint to the graphic volume of the literature it contains. A stark white folder combined with a simple but bold blind emboss creates dramatic contrast between container and contained. Both make bold statements. The documents within speak to the fluid research and exploration that is so central to the creative process. The folder itself speaks to the clarity of purpose and personal confidence necessary to unleash a coherent artistic voice into the world.