We’re currently in the midst of renovating the workspaces on the first floor and garden level of our South End brownstone office—both of which were originally configured at the company’s inception, 35 years ago.


At that time, the desks were literally built into the floor and constructed at a higher height to accommodate standing designers using T-squares, drafting tables, light boxes, and rubber cement. Computers weren’t part of the creative toolkit back then.

In addition to tearing out those mammoth stationary desks, we purged an abundance of relics, papers, and office supplies. There were fits of laughter (and a few sneezing spells) as we cleaned out the space—in preparation for changes ahead.



The updates in these two studios might not be termed “dramatic” in the physical sense. Other than the more compact desks, the configuration remains relatively the same. The color palette retains the Swiss design aesthetic that we’re known for: white walls and file cabinets, dark wood floors, grey desks and chairs, and a coat of glossy red on the long air conditioning duct, spiral stair, and railings in the rear atrium.

What has really changed is the feeling the new space evokes.

It’s more open and airy. It’s minimalist, and clutter-free. There’s a large crit wall where we can all gather. New, huge windows evoke loft more than townhouse in this part of the building. I have a different view, both physically (my chair now faces the opposite direction) and mentally: the refreshed, engaging workspace is one that invites creativity and interaction, something every designer appreciates.

…and perhaps we’ll get to welcome you in soon to take a look yourself!