It seems fitting that my first Podcamp would also culminate in my first blog post, ever!

Photo of the Microsoft Nerd Center courtesy of ethomsen on Flickr

This has been an exciting year for me to experience exposure to social media in ways I had never dreamed possible. A couple of weeks ago, I found out about Podcamp Boston, and when the opportunity to attend came up, I knew it was something I had to experience.

As the event approached, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect — and was maybe even a little nervous. Upon arrival, I settled in and was reassured and inspired by the opening words from Chris Penn and Chris Brogan. After being encouraged by them to collectively overcome our shyness, I started talking with other campers. I quickly discovered I was in the company of some really fantastic people doing very interesting things.

Then came the hard decisions. How would I choose which sessions to attend?

It was like being a kid in a candy store. Each session on the schedule was so interesting. Adding to the difficulty of my decision was resisting the temptation to go to one or both of the sessions held by my colleague, Tamsen, just to see her presentation skills in action. I decided to choose sessions where I knew I would find answers to my own personal questions about skills and techniques. That knowledge base would no doubt empower me as I begin to find my own voice.

These are the sessions I attended:

The flexibility of the UnConference format was quite appealing. Time spent outside of sessions was every bit a part of the experience as attending the sessions.

I left with my head full and so many takeaways, I can’t begin to count them.

My key takeaways so far (as I am still digesting all of the wonderful information and others continue to emerge) are:

  • Always be creating content. Content is the currency of social media (from Social Media for Social Good, David Wells).
  • People tune in for personality as well as for content (from Podcast to Published Author, Stever Robbins).
  • As you learn to shoot video, start with a camera you are comfortable with. Focusing on the lighting and audio is of greater importance (from the Future of Online Video Q&A).
  • The concept and contents of a social media press release. Give the blogger everything they could possibly need to easily write a review of your offering (from How to Effectively Reach Thousands of Bloggers with Your Message, Chris Abraham)

Not only was I fed, but with the proceeds being donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank, and the extra lunch food going to the Pine Street Inn, others were fed as well.

It was a great weekend. I’m looking forward to the next one!