We are pleased to announce that the 2blades.org website is live!

As mentioned in a previous blogpost, the 2Blades team was great to collaborate with—passionate about their work and eager to share it with the world. We were proud to work with them to design, develop, and launch a compelling web presence—one that we believe will help them to achieve their immediate and long-term goals.

The new 2blades.org focuses on describing the critical gap in plant science 2Blades seeks to bridge, and proving the utility of the foundation’s unique model through detailed descriptions of their numerous ongoing projects.

A variety of unique modules across the website highlight and elaborate on different aspects of the foundation, including team members, project statuses, and how the group works. We are excited to see where the 2Blades Foundation goes from here, and what improvements they make in crop disease resistance.


How We Work
Clever and concise, the interactive How We Work module clearly explains the 2Blades Foundation’s process. It also speaks to how we work here at Sametz Blackstone Associates—Brandon “discovered” the concept, I “advanced” the design while Ange thought through the user experience, and in the end Paul “delivered” it!


Unmet Need