As we designers fly through InDesign spreads, Illustrator files, Photoshop layers, and Sketch artboards, we cut, paste, copy, typeset, crop, and arrange as fast as our computers will allow. However, when the opportunity arises for us to slow down and do some real ⌘X-ing and ⌘V-ing, we welcome the change of pace.

Yesterday our Senior Designers Samar and Aaron had to put down their mice and pick up their x-acto knives—turning the second floor into a makeshift workshop.  Samar cut, scored, and folded brochure mockups for a Northeastern CCIS presentation while Aaron spray-mounted 20 presentation boards for a meeting with a new financial client. Don’t let your craft skills atrophy—they are just as necessary as ever. In an age of screenshares and Invision links, there is much to be said for the tactile experience a well-made print presentation affords.

But be sure to remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”— because unfortunately ⌘Z only works on the computer.

IMG_7231_720x540 IMG_7251_720x540IMG_7250_720x540